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IKGPTU Registration Notice (Revised) 14-12-2017
Datesheet external viva-voce of ECE 7th Sem Aug-Dec-17 13-12-2017
Student Notice for wearing of Id Card 11-12-2017
NOTICE (Regarding students have been detained in Summer Institutional Practical Training June-2017) 07-12-2017
MRSPTU Regitration Notice (M. Tech) 07-12-2017
MRSPTU Registration Notice 06-12-2017
MRSPTU Registration Notice -Non AICTE 06-12-2017
Theory & Practical Subject for the MRSPTU Examination Dec-17 Due to Detention 01-12-2017
MRSPTU Students for Issuing Admit Card Examination Dec-17 01-12-2017
IKGPTU Registration Notice 30-11-2017
Final datesheet MRSPTU exam Dec_2017 (2015-2016 Batch) 30-11-2017
Final datesheet MRSPTU exam Dec_2017 (2016-2017 Batch) 30-11-2017
IKGPTU Revised Notice Practical Examination Nov-17 due to detention 30-11-2017
MRSPTU Theory & practical Examination Nov-17 Due to Detention (All Branches) 30-11-2017
IKGPTU Special chance datesheet Exam Dec_2017 29-11-2017
IKGPTU All Branches Theory & Practical Subjects Examination Nov-17 Detention List 29-11-2017
IKGPTU Final Datesheet Exam Nov_Dec_2017 22-11-2017
IKGPTU Student Admit Card Notice 21-11-2017
Datesheet MST 1 (MRSPTU & IKGPTU) New Building 17-11-2017
Datesheet MST 1 (MRSPTU & IKGPTU) Main Building  17-11-2017
MRSPTU proposed datesheet exam Dec_2017 10-11-2017
IKGPTU proposed datesheet Exam Nov_Dec_2017 10-11-2017
MRSPTU Regular Rp Exam Dec_2017 Notice 08-11--2017
Notice Ragarding ID Card During Youth Festival Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University 02-11-2017
Aicte Scholarship Notification 02-11-2017
Student Notice B.tech & MBA 02-11-2017
Girl Student Scholarship-1 02-11-2017
Saksham Scholarship Student 02-11-2017
Instruction for filling online Application 02-11-2017
IKGPTU Reappear Exam form instructions Nov_2017_passout 16-10-2017
IKGPTU Reappear Exam form schedule exm Nov_2017_passout 16-10-2017
IKGPTU Reg_Reapper Exam form Schedule Nov_2017_current batch 16-10-2017
Undertaking of students under pms sc_st_obc 11-10-2017
New Forwarding Application for SC_ST_OBC Students under PMS Cases 2017_18 10-10-2017
Student Notice post matric sheme B.Tech all Branches & MBA Sc Scholarship Form 2017-2018 09-10-2017
Student Notice SC Scolarship B.Com, BCA, BBA SC Scholarship Form 2017-18 09-10-2017 
PMS id of BBA, BCA, B.Com under SC_ST_OBC Cases(old students) 06-10-2017
ID OF OBC Students-AICTE Courses (B.Tech and MBA) Eligible under PMS 06-10-2017
ID OF SC Students-AICTE Courses (B.Tech and MBA) Eligible under PMS (renewal) 06-10-2017
ID OF SC Students-AICTE Courses (B.Tech and MBA) Eligible under PMS (Fresh_2016) 06-10-2017
IKGPTU Special Chance exam Nov_2017 04-10-2017
Datesheet MST 1 (MRSPTU & IKGPTU) New Building 19-09-2017
Datesheet MST 1 (MRSPTU & IKGPTU) Main Building  19-09-2017
NOTICE( Workshop and Placement Drive) 11-09-2017
Student Notice for Attending Classes Regularly 08-08-2017
MRSPTU Refund of FEES FOR Reappear Exam May_2017 27-07-2017
Student Notice B.Tech,MBA,BBA,BCA,B.Com Detention Dec Examination 2017 26-07-2017
Notice for Minority Students ECE, ME,IT ,CSE,and MBA 25-07-2017
Notice for minority Students BBA,BCA, B.com Msc.Math 25-07-2017
Registration Notice_Revised, MRSPTU 18-07-2017
Regarding Re-evaluation against April/May - 2017 Exams 10-07-2017
Hostel Allotment (Boys & Girls) Notice 2017 03-07-2017 
Branch_Upgradation Performa_2017 16-06-2017
Branch Upgradation Notice 2017 15-06-2017
MRSPTU Registration Notice_M.Tech-ME 26-05-2017
Notice regarding internal viva of cse 8th sem 26-05-2017
Date sheet regarding ece 8th sem Internal viva voce 26-05-2017
Date sheet regarding ece 8th sem external viva voce 26-05-2017
Eligible students under MIMIT_Scholarship_2016 in fees submission JulY_17_Dec_17
(CSE), (ECE), (ME), (MBA), (Non AICTE)
Notice Regarding Internal & External viva voce of six month industrial training (IT) 24-05-2017
Datesheet for external viva-voce of ECE 4th sem MRSPTU 23-05-2017
Revised Registration notice of B.Tech_5th sem(MRSPTU) 18-05-2017
MIMIT Scholarship_2016 for eligible student for Fees Adjustment 12-05-2017
Refund of Security Student Notice (For 2017 Passout Batch) 09-05-2017
Registration Notice MRSPTU MBA_3rd_B.Tech_3rd_5th sem july-dec_17 09-05-2017
Registration Notice MRSPTU_BCA_BBA_B.Com_3rd_5th sem July_Dec_17 09-05-2017
Registration Notice IKGPTU B.Tech_7th sem July_Dec_2017 09-05-2017
MRSPTU Detention list of Theory & practical Subjects Examination May-2017 for All Branches 05-05-2017
Admit card Issuing notice of MRSPTU exam MAY_2017 03-05-2017
Detention List (CSE, IT, ME, ECE, MBA, Applied Deptt.) for Theory Subjects in IKGPTU April-MAy, 2017 Exam 27-04-2017
Detention List (CSE, IT, ME, ECE, Applied Deptt.) for Laboratory Subjects in IKGPTU April-MAy, 2017 Exam 27-04-2017
MST-II, MRSPTU (Main Building) 21-04-2017
MST-II, MRSPTU (New Building) 21-04-2017
MRSPTU Final datesheet exam May_2017(batch 2016) only) 21-04-2017
MRSPTU Final datesheet Exam May_2017(Batch 2015 ONLY) 21-04-2017
CIRCULAR (Institutional Practical Training will start from 12th June, 2017 and will end on 7th July, 2017.) 21-04-2017
Notice For IKGPTU Students Admit Card Examination April-17 21-04-2017 
Notice (Regarding for Students) 19-04-2017
Date Sheet for MST-III IKGPTU 18-04-2017
MRSPTU Reevaluation date against revised results 17-04-2017
Notice (Apply for the Railway Concession Form) 17-04-2017
Notice Regarding 2nd MST of MRSPTU 11-04-2017
IKGPTU-Jalandhar Final Datesheet Exam April_May_2017 11-04-2017
Proposed Datesheet IKGPTU Exam April_May_2017 11-04-2017
IKGPTU Division Improvement Exam April_2017 for Passout Studetns 07-04-2017
Notice for MRSPTU Students_Regular_Reappear Exams May-2017 07-04-2017
IKGPTU_Rp exam April_17_Instructions_passout 30-03-2017
IKGPTU Rp_exam form April_2017 passout batches_schdule 30-03-2017
IKGPTU Reg_Rp Exam form April_2017 current batches 30-03-2017
Notice (Regarding for M.Tech) 28-03-2017
Regarding Re-evaluation against Nov/Dec-16 Exams For Mrsptu Student Notice 28-03-2017
Notice collect DMC MRSPTU Students 28-03-2017
Circular ( Job Fest at Ramgarhia Polytechinc and Ramgarhri Institute of Engg. & Tech , Phagwara on dated 5-6thj April, 2017.) 27-03-2017
Format for Student Diff's. services avail in Academics Cell.(One for all purpose) 21-03-2017
NOTICE ( Wind Tech Pvt Ltd. Bathinda) 17-03-2017
Notice Job Description (JOb Fest 2017) 16-03-2017
IKGPTU Student Notice Not Registered Upgradation 16-03-2017
Regarding (NOTICE) Job Fest 2017 15-03-2017
Datesheet for MST-II (IKGPTU) New Building 10-03-2017
Mid Term Training viva 8th Semester CSE (Revised) 10-03-2017
Mid Term Training viva 8th Semester CSE 09-03-2017
six months industrial training viva-voce of ece 8th sem 07-03-2017
Mid term viva voce of 6 months industrial training IT 07-03-2017
Date Sheet for MST-1, MRSPTU (New building) 20-02-2017
Date Sheet for MST-1, MRSPTU (Main building) 17-02-2017
Notice (Regarding for M.Tech) 16-02-2017
Notice Regarding mid term viva voce 16-02-2017
Notice for 8th Semester Regarding Confirmation Letter 16-02-2017
Additional Datesheet for MST-1 (IKGPTU) 14-02-2017
Datesheet for MST-1 (IKGPTU) 14-02-2017
Regarding Re-evaluation against Nov/Dec-2016 Exams Notice IKGPTU Students 30-01-2017
Clearance of detention_sessional rp in Even sem jan_may_17 (All courses all branches) 11-01-2017
IKGPTU Registration Notice for M. Tech. (ME, Part time only) 13-12-2016
MRSPTU Registration Notice for M. Tech. (ME, Part time only) 13-12-2016
Even Semester start notice 13-12-2016
Registration Notice_BBA, BCA, B.COM, MSc.(2nd and 4th Semester) 08-12-2016
MRSPTU Registration Notice_B. Tech., MBA (2nd and 4th Semester) 08-12-2016
IKGPTU Registration Notice_B. Tech 6th Semester 08-12-2016
Industrial Training Orignal Document Under PMS Scheme in Punjab Student 06-12-2016
MRSPTU Datesheet Amendment-V 05-12-2016
External Practical Datesheet Dec-16 (ECE) 03-12-2016
MRSPTU Theory & Practical Detention lists exam Dec-2016,BBA, BCA, B.Com 02-12-2016
Even sem start notice jan_17_june_17 02-12-2016
Admit card notice for MRSPTU Students exam Dec_2016 02-12-2016
MRSPTU Theory & practical Detention Dec-2016(Regular & Reappear)AICTE Courses
(Theory & Practical Applied science detention), (Theory & Practical ECE Detention), (Theory & Practical IT Detention), (Theory & Practical MBA detention), (Theory & Practical ME Detention), (Therory & practical CSE Detention)
IKGPTU Practical detention notice EXAM Nov_Dec_16
(Applied Science Detention Practical Nov-16), (CSE detention Practical IKGPTU Nov-16), (ECE Practical Detention IKGPTU Nov-16), (IT Practical Detention IKGPTU nov-16), (MBA pracitcal Detention IKGPTU), (ME detention Practical IKGPTU Nov-16)
IKGPTU Datesheet Amendment-1 Exam Dec_2016 29-11-2016
MRSPTU Datesheet Amendment I & Amendment II 28-11-2016
IKGPTU REGISTRATION NOTICE_B. Tech  8th Semester 23-11-2016
Notice for Students 23-11-2016
Detention list of IKGPTU Regular/Rp theory exam Nov_2016
(Applied Science Detention Theory Nov-16), (CSE detention theory Examination Nov16), (ECE Theory Detention nov-16), (IT Theory Detetion Nov_2016), (MBA theory Detention Nov16), (ME detention theory Exam Nov-16 page1), (ME detention theory Nov-16 page2)
Not reporting students (outstate and within) of all Scholarships after filled online 12-11-2016
IKGPTU admit card losed to fine Regular & Reappear admit card Nov-16 10-11-2016
Final datesheet MRSPTU exam Dec_2016(batches_ 2016) 10-11-2016  
Final datesheet MRSPTU exam Dec_2016(batch 2015) 10-11-2016  
MRSPTU_Exam Dec_2016 form shedule_Reg_RP_All branches_all 10-11-2016 
Notice for MRSPTU Students (Regular/Reappear Exams Dec-2016) 10-11-2016
IKGPTU Final Datesheet exam Nov_2016 12-10-2016 
IKGPTU Reappear exam form notice for Passout student_Nov_2016 10-10-2016
IKGPTU Regular_Rp exam form Nov_Dec_2016 10-10-2016
Instructions for Passout batches IKGPTU exam form Nov_2016 10-10-2016
Most Urgent docs require of PMS Students BBA_BCA_B.com 10-10-2016
Most Urgent Notice for PMS Students(B.Tech & MBA) for more docs for PMS Form 05-10-2016 
Datesheet for MST-II (Main Building) CSE/IT 6th Semester 29-09-2016
Datesheet for MST-II (New Building) 29-09-2016
Datesheet for MST-II (Main Building) 29-09-2016
Format of Declaration by parents for MIMIT SCHOLARSHIP 23-09-2016
Notice Regarding Post Matric Scholarship Scheme 2016-17 23-09-2016
Two day workshop on embedded system and matlab 22-09-2016
Students Admitted in 2016_17 pending Original Documents(ALL Branches)
(Copy of Schedule)
Declaration by student of SC/BC for PMS 14-09-2016
Revised Date Sheet MST-1, MRSPTU ( New building) 13-09-2016
MRSPTU Date Sheet for MST-1 (Main Building) 12-09-2016
MRSPTU Date Sheet for MST-1 (New Building) 12-09-2016
OBC scholarship notice for the session 2016_17 under PMS 12-09-2016
Scholarship notice for OBC Students(B.Tech & MBA) Eligible under PMS FOR 2016_17 08-09-2016
SC/ST Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for B. Tech and MBA (Punjab Residents Only) 06-09-2016
SC_ST_OBC _2015_16 List under PMS(PB.) along with login id(locked_obc_fresh_2015_16) 06-09-2016
SC_ST_OBC _2015_16 List under PMS(PB.) along with login id(locked_obc_renewal_2015_16) 06-09-2016
SC_ST_OBC _2015_16 List under PMS(PB.) along with login id (locked_sc_fresh_2015_16) 06-09-2016
SC_ST_OBC _2015_16 List under PMS(PB.) along with login id (locked_sc_renewal_2015_16) 06-09-2016
Circular (Regarding for MST-1, CSE/IT 6th Sem) 31-08-2016
Date Sheet for MST-1 (Main Building) 29-08-2016
Date Sheet for MST-1 (New Building) 29-08-2016
Notice for Students with Disabilities 29-08-2016
Reappear Examination Fees May 2016 Refund for MRSPTU 24-08-2016
Urgent Notice for newly admitted students in session-2016 22-08-2016
Notice For Minority Students 18-08-2016
Classes start notice for all students(All branches all courses) newly admitted in the session 2016-17 03-08-2016
Revised Diet Rate of Hostels Mess 27-07-2016
Clearance of their detention/sessional reppear odd semester july - 2016 to Nov/Dec-2016 (All Branches) 26-07-2016
Notice Regarding Hostel Allotment 15-07-2016
Notice (Regarding for M.Tech Re-evaluation against April/May-2016 Exams) 14-07-2016
Upgradation notice/Change of Branch(B.Tech)_2016 29-06-2016
Proforma For Branch Upgradation 29-06-2016
Notice Regarding Re-evaluation Against Apr/May-2016 Exams 16-06-2016
Circular for Practical Training 07-06-2016
Registration Notice for M. Tech (ME) (Part Time) MRSPTU 30-05-2016
Registration Notice for M. Tech (ME) (Part Time) IKGPTU 30-05-2016
Six Month Training External Viva (ECE Department) 27-05-2016
MRSPTU Registration Notice_july_Dec'2016 18-05-2016
Instruction for SC/ST Students eligible for Post Matric Scholarship Scheme (Only Punjab Resident) Annexure-1 MRSPTU 18-05-2016
IKGPTU Registration Notice_July_Dec'2016 18-05-2016
Instruction for SC/ST Students eligible for Post Matric Scholarship Scheme (Only Punjab Resident) Annexure-1 IKGPTU 18-05-2016
Registration Notice for BBA, BCA, B. Com.(Proff.) & M.Sc. (AM) 18-05-2016
Instruction for SC/ST Students eligible for Post Matric Scholarship Scheme (Only Punjab Resident) Annexure-1 18-05-2016
External Viva Datesheet ECE Department 12-05-2016
Notice Regarding Six Months Industrial Training (ECE) 10-05-2016
Refund security student Notice 09-05-2016
Theory & Practical Subject for the MRSPTU EXAM April-2016 Due to Detention 03-05-2016
IKGPTU Detained list of Theory- MBA, B.Tech(All branches) Exam April_2016
(Applied Sci_Theory _April_2016_IKGPTU), (CSE Theory April_2016_IKGPTU_pg1), (CSE Theory April_2016_IKGPTU_pg2), (ECE Theory April_2016_IKGPTU), (IT Theory April_2016 IKGPTU), (MBA Theory_Practical_April_2016_IKGPTU), (ME Theory April_2016_IKGPTU_pg1), (ME Theory April_2016_IKGPTU_pg2)
 IKGPTU Detained List B.Tech(All Branches)-Practical Exam April_2016
(Applied Sci_Practical _April_2016_IKGPTU), (CSE Practical April_2016_IKGPTU),
(ECE Practical April_ 2016_Ikgptu), (IT Practical April_2016_IKGPTU), (ME Practical April_2016_IKGPTU)
 Circular (Institutional practical training) 27-04-2016
Circular (final viva voca of six month industry training ) 27-04-2016
PTU Spl chance datesheet Exam_APRIL_2016 25-04-2016
Final MRSPTU Date Sheet May, 2016 25-04-2016
PTU final date sheet April_2016 25-04-2016
Student Notice I.K.G.P.T.U.Regarding Admit Cards Apr-2016    25-04-2016   
Date Sheet for MST-III (New Building) 20-04-2016
Date Sheet for MST-III (Main Building) 20-04-2016
MRSPTU Exam form April_2016 notice Reg_rp 05-04-2016
MBA_4th sem_document fee_notice 04-04-2016
IKGPTU notice for Revaluation pending result_Nov_15 04-04-2016
Notice for B. Tech. 2nd Sem 01-04-2016
Date Sheet for MST-II (Main Building) 30-03-2016
Date Sheet for MST-II (New Building) 30-03-2016
Date Sheet for MST-II for Detained Students (New Building) 30-03-2016
IKGPTU MST-II Notice 29-03-2016
PTU_Reg_Rp exam notice_April_16_current batches 25-03-2016
PTU_Rp exam notice April_2016_passout_pg1 25-03-2016
PTU_Rp exam notice April_2016_passout_pg2 25-03-2016
Regarding Re-evaluation against Dec. 2015 Exams (MRSSTU Students Only) Instruction for Re-evaluation 08-03-2016
Regarding Re-evaluation against Nov./Dec. 2015 Exams for M. Tech. (Part Time) PTU Students Only 03-03-2016
Notice Regarding Mid Sem. Viva-Voce (IT, 8th Sem) 02-03-2016
Re-evaluation Notice for Exam November - December 2015 ( for PTU Students Only) 29-02-2016
SPL Chance April_2016 Exam Form & Admit Card 25-02-2016
Special chance - April-16 25-02-2016
Date Sheet PDP MST 20-02-2016
Revised Datesheet MST-1(New Building) B.Tech (Page1 & Page2) 20-02-2016
Anti-ragging Most urgent Notice for 2015 Admissions(B.Tech, MBA & 2015-Leet) 20-02-2016
Date Sheet for MST-I (Main Building) 18-02-2016
Notice regarding mid term viva voce of ECE 8th semester 08-02-2016
Notice Regarding Identity Cards 21-01-2016
Notice for Even Sem start with fine (All Branches students) Jan'16_Jun'16(Revised) 08-01-2016
Notice regarding clearance of detention/sessional reappear 07-01-2016
Girls Hostel allotment notice 06-01-2016
Session start notice Jan_16 to June_16(even sem) all branches 04-01-2016
PTU notice for passouts students regarding Service_time & charges(i.e pdc,transcripts,dmc etc) 01-01-2016
Registration form (BBA, BCA , B.Com, M.Sc) 23-12-2015
Registration Notice of BBA, BCA, B.Com & Msc for the session Jan_June_2015 23-12-2015
Notice Regarding M. Tech Registration 23-12-2015
Registration Notice-2_ ALL Branches(B.Tech & MBA) JAN_Jun_2016 session 18-12-2015
Revised Registration Notice for B.Tech-8th Sem 17-12-2015
PTU docs fees for B. Tech 8th Semester and MBA 4th semester Passout Batches 2016 17-12-2015
Notary Attestation Format for SC,ST & OBC Students 09-12-2015
MRSSTU-Admit card notice for 1st year Students Exam Dec_2015 08-12-2015
Detained Notice Theory/Practical Exam Dec_2015(IKGPTU) 01-12-215
Final Datesheet Exam Dec_2015 Mrsstu-Bathinda 24-11-2015
Revised FInal Date sheet IKGPTU Exam Dec_2015 23-11-2015
PTU Exam nov_2015 postponed notice 18-11-2015
Notice for collect IKGPTU_ Admit card Exam Nov_2015 16-11-2015
 M.Tech(ME)-P/T Ptu Final Datesheet Exam_Nov_2015 07-11-2015
Final Datesheet of IKGPTU, Jalandhar for Exams November-2015 04-11-2015 
Datesheet for MST-III Main Building 02-11-2015
Datesheet for MST-III New Building 02-11-2015
MST III Internal Reappear Exam_Date Sheet For ODD Semester (ECE) 30-10-2015
MST III Internal Reappear Exam_Date Sheet For Even Semester (ECE) 30-10-2015
Notice Regarding Internal Viva-Voce of six week Industrial Training (ECE) 15-10-2015
Institutional Training Report Submission Guidelines for ECE 5th Semester 15-10-2015
Date Sheet MST-II 15-10-2015
Placement Drive- Netmax Technologies Pvt.Ltd., Chandigarh 12-10-2015
Placement Drive- Caddmech Technology Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh 12-10-2015
Placement Drive- CETPA, Noida 12-10-2015
Placement Drive- Click Labs, Chandigarh 12-10-2015
Placement Drive- CMC Ltd. Gurgaon 12-10-2015
Placement Drive- CS Soft solutions Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh 12-10-2015
Placement Drive- D2 Automation , Chandigarh 12-10-2015
Placement Drive- Intergrated Circuit Connection Pvt. Ltd. Patna 12-10-2015
Placement Drive- Netmax Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh 12-10-2015
Placement Drive- R-CE Wind Tech Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh 12-10-2015
Placement Drive- Wind Tech Softwares Pvt. Ptd. Chandigarh 12-10-2015
SC/ST/OBC Post Matric Scholarship Notice for BBA/BCA/B.Com/M.Sc.(Maths) 12-10-2015
Notice Regarding November-2015 Examinations (Passout Batches) 06-10-2015
Instructions Regarding Form Filling for Passout Batches 06-10-2015
Notice Regarding November-2015 for IKGPTU Students 06-10-2015
Notice Regarding Alumni Interaction 23-09-2015
Notice for B.Tech.(All Branches) 7th & MBA 3rd Sem 18-09-2015
SC/ST/OBC Scholarship Notice for B.Tech. & MBA 18-09-2015
Notice for Minority Students (Extended Dates) 18-09-2015
Scholarship Notice for Girls Students 18-09-2015
Notice for OBC Students belongs to U.P. State 18-09-2015
Datesheet for MST-1 (1st Semester) 17-09-2015
Information Regarding New State Technical University 11-09-2015
 Notice for Scholarship schemes for Minority Communities Students 09-09-2015
Notice Regarding Workshop on Macromedia Flash 09-09-2015
MST-1 Date Sheet ( Main Building) 27-08-2015
MST-I Date Sheet ( New Building) 27-08-2015
Notice Regarding Fresher Party 2015 12-08-2015
Notice Regarding Revised Vacant Seat of B.Tech. First Year under Fee Waiver Category and Rules 11-08-2015
Student Notice regarding Start of Classes B.Tech.(All Branches) First Semester 31-07-2015
Notice Regarding Re-evaluation against April/May-2015 Exams 31-07-2015
Notice Regarding 2nd Round of Boys Hostel Allotment 31-07-2015
Notice for SC/ST Students Eligible for PMS Scholarship for the session 2014-15 28-07-2015
Notice regarding Start of MBA 3rd Sem Classes 24-07-2015
Student Notice regarding Guru Harkrishan Educational Society Scholarship - 2015 23-07-2015
Notice regarding Clearance of Detention during current semester 22-07-2015
Revised Registration Notice for Current Semester July-Dec 2015  20-07-2015
Student Notice regarding Start of Classes for B.Tech(All Branches) 3rd/5th/7th Sem 02-07-2015
Notice Ragrding allotment of Boys Hostel 01-07-2015
Notice Regading allotment of Girls Hostel 30-06-2015
Notice regarding Re-evaluation of April/May 2015 Examinations 25-06-2015
Notice regarding UPGRADATION - 2015 with Performa for Application 25-06-2015
Notice & Instructions Regarding online Student Support Centre by PTU 18-06-2015
Notice Regarding M. Tech Registration 10-06-2015
Notice Ragarding Internal Presentation of the six months Industrial training (IT) 03-06-2015
Regarding Institutional Practical Training of B. Tech 2014 Batch 19-05-2015
Notice Regarding Industrial Training Viva - Voce of ECE- Batch-2011-2015, 8th Semester 19-05-2015
Industrial Training Format Batch-2011-2015 19-05-2015
Notice Regarding Registration for odd semester (July-Dec. 2015) 12-05-2015
Notice for Final Year Students regarding Refund of Security 12-05-2015
Notice Regarding Internal and External viva-voce of six month industrial training (ME) 11-05-2015
Postpone of University B.Tech Exam (Morning and Evenining) on 10-05-15 to 17-05-15 09-05-2015
Notice Regarding External Viva Voce of B. Tech regular Examination Jan-May 2015 (ECE) 07-05-2015
Notice Regarding Institutional Practical Training (B. Tech 1st Year) 04-05-2015
Six Month Industrial Training Viva 2015 Notice 04-05-2015
Student Notice regarding Postpone & Reschedule of PTU Exam from 30/04/2015(Morning & Evening) to 10/05/2015 29-04-2015
Student Notice regarding PDP MST for B.Tech.(All Branches) & MBA 29-04-2015
Revised datesheet Spl chance exam April_2015 23-04-2015
Detained Student Notice All Branches (Theory) for April-2015 Exams 23-04-2015
Detained Student Notice All Branches (Practical) for April-2015 Exams 23-04-2015
Datesheet M.tech (Mech)P/T Exam April_2015 20-04-2015
Notice Regarding Issuing Admit Cards_Exam April 2015 17-04-2015
Datesheet MST-III Main Building 10-04-2015
Datesheet MST-III New Building 10-04-2015
Two Days Workshop on MATLAB and VLSI 07-04-2015
Final Datesheet of PTU End Semester Examinations April-2015 01-04-2015
rp_reval_examnotice_current_batches 30-03-2015
Student Notice for B.Tech & MBA Final Years Students 18-03-2015
Notice regarding MST-II Datesheet Main Building 13-03-2015
Notice regarding MST-II Datesheet New Building 13-03-2015
Student Notice regarding MST-II 13-03-2015
Notice Regarding Regular/Reappear Exams April-2015 for Current Batches 12-03-2015
Notice Regarding Reappear Examinations April-2015 for Passout Batches 12-03-2015
Instructions for Filling up Reaapear Examination Forms April-2015 Passout Batches 12-03-2015
Schedule of Lectures of CISCO Classes 11-03-2015
Mid Term Industrial Training Report Submission Guidelines 02-03-2015
Mid term Viva Voce of 6 months industrial training ECE 26-02-2015
Regarding Annual Athletic Meet Attendance 24-02-2015
Mid term viva voce of 6 months industrial training IT 23-02-2015
Regarding Re-evaluation against Nov-2014 Exams 13-02-2015
Scholarship Notice for Students with Disabilities 13-02-2015
Notice regarding Re-evaluation for Nov-2014 Examinations 10-02-2015
Datesheet for MST-I Main Building 04-02-2015
Datesheet for MST-I New Building 04-02-2015
Notice regarding MSTs 04-02-2015
Notice Regarding Girls Hostel Allotment 15-01-2015
Notice Regarding Special Chance Examination 2015 01-01-2015
Notice Regarding Hostel Allotment 19-12-2014
Notice Regarding postponed viva of Major Project (CSE) 10-12-2014
Application Format regarding confirmation from Bank for SC/ST/OBC Students 10-12-2014
Notice & Application Format for SC/ST/OBC students under PMS Scheme 10-12-2014
Registration Notice (All Branches) for Even Semester(Jan-June 2015) 05-12-2014
Datesheet for External Viva-Voce Nov-Dec 2014 (ECE) 27-11-2014
Appreciation Letter 25-11-2014
Instructions to students appearing in Nov-Dec 2014 University Examination 20-11-2014
Detained Student Notice of Practical Subjects for Nov.2014 Exams 18-11-2014
Detained Student Notice of Theory Subjects for Nov. 2014 Exams 18-11-2014
Amendment/Additions in Datesheet for Examinations Nov-2014 17-11-2014
Notice Regarding Collection of Admit Cards (Regular/Reappear) 14-11-2014
Registration Notice for B.Tech.(All Branches) 8th Semester 07-11-2014
MST-III Datesheet Main/New Building 05-11-2014
Notice regarding Prohibition of Mobile phone during MSTs in the class rooms 05-11-2014
Final Datesheet of B.Tech.(All Branches), MBA & M.Tech.(PT) Nov-14 Examinations -Regular/Reappear 03-11-2014
Notice Regarding Two Scholarships by AICTE, New Delhi 28-10-2014
Notice Regarding Lunch Break For the staff of Academic Cell 21-10-2014
Notice regarding Filling Up Reappear Examination Forms November-2014 for Passout Batches 13-10-2014
Instructions regarding Filling up Reappear Examination Forms for Passout Batches 13-10-2014
Notice regarding filling up RegularReappear Examination Forms Nov-2014 for Current Batches 13-10-2014
Notice for Eligible Students of SC/ST/OBC Scholarship 10-10-2014
MST-II Datesheet (Main Building) 29-09-2014
MST-II Datesheet (New building) 29-09-2014
Notice for SC/ST/OBC Students 25-08-2014
Notice regarding MST-I 25-08-2014
Datesheet MST-I New Building 22-08-2014
Datesheet MST-I Main Builiding 22-08-2014
Post Matric Scholarship Notice for SC/ST/OBC Students 20-08-2014
Notice Regarding presentations of synopsis for Major Project (BTCS-703) 13-08-2014
Notice to Clear Detention in Current Odd Semester 05-08-2014
Notice Regarding Commencement of Classes 22-07-2014
6 Week Industrial Training Viva & Written Test Schedule 16-07-2014
M. Tech Registration Notice 10-07-2014
Notice Regarding Boys Hostel Allotment 09-07-2014
Upgradation Notice and Form_2014 08-07-2014
Notice for Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Scheme for Minority Communities 04-07-2014
Notice for B.Tech & MBA batch 2013 and LEET 2013 reg. Submission of Anti Ragging Affidavit 03-07-2014
Notice Reg. Start of Classes for Odd Sem July to Dec 14 03-07-2014
Notice Regarding Re-evaluation for April-2014 Exams Results 20-06-2014
Student Notice Regarding Special Chance July-2014 16-06-2014
Guru Harkrishan Scholarship_14 Form 09-06-2014
Guru Harkrishan Scholarship_14 Notice 09-06-2014
Notice Regarding Workshop Training 26-05-2014
Registration Notice-2014 (Odd Semester) 23-05-2014
Notice regarding SHDF Scholarship 2014-15 from Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council 15-05-2014
Notice Regarding Refund of Security for Final Year Batches 12-05-2014
Notice Regarding Internal and External VIVA VOCE of Six Months Industrial Training of IT 8th Sem. 12-05-2014
Date Sheet for External VIVA VOCE of B. Tech. Examination May 2014 (ME) 09-05-2014
Detained Student Notice Regular & Reappear (Practical) April-2014 09-05-2014
Date Sheet for External VIVA VOCE of B. Tech. Re-appear Examination Jan-April 2014 (ECE) 09-05-2014
Date Sheet for External VIVA VOCE of B. Tech. Regular Examination Jan-April 2014 (ECE) 09-05-2014
Notice Regarding Six Months Industrial Training of ECE 8th Sem. 08-05-2014
Detained Student Notice Regular & Reappear (Theory) April-2014 28-04-2014
Date Sheet MST III (New Building and Main Building) 21-04-2014
Examination Form of improvement and Detailed Instructions from PTU 16-04-2014
Notice for Improvement for Passout Students 16-04-2014
Notice Regarding Workshop on Matlab and VLSI 15-04-2014
Notice for B.Tech. & MBA Final Years Students 21-03-2014
Reg_RP_Exam forms_April_14 19-03-2014
RP_exam forms_april_14_passout 19-03-2014
Mid term viva voce of 6 months industrial training CSE 14-03-2014
Six month Industrial Training Mid term Viva voce notice for IT 8th Semesters 11-03-2014
Mid Term Industrial Training Report Submission Guidelines for ECE 8th Semester. 11-03-2014
Six month Industrial Training Mid term Viva voce notice 11-03-2014
Notice regarding Pending Results 07-03-2014
Date sheet MST-I Even sem 07-02-2014
Notice Regarding Re-evaluation of Result for Nov-2013 Examinations 28-01-2014
Notice regarding ids and Passwords 2013 admitted students 24-01-2014
Notice regarding Clearance of Detention/Sessional Reappear 16-01-2014
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